Friday, June 27, 2014

Right Relationship – Three Aspects: Part One

Horses, like humans, seek to be in Right Relationship, which is a type of balance.  Balancing has three aspects; physical, mental and yes spiritual or the animating force that is the underlining ‘living energy’.  All three complete the horse.

On each level, physical, mental and spiritual or animating, there are multiple aspects.  For instance, at the physical level are the biological types which give us a deeper understanding of how the horse is physically made.

Each aspect is interrelated to the others.  They each influence the overall balance or well-being.  So, a horse with a physical ailment, imbalance, will be affected both mentally and spiritually.  The negative effect is much more than one might think. 

As well, a balanced horse, In Right Relationship, will be one that is naturally ebbing and flowing in all three aspects of its physical, mental and spiritual nature.  A horse ebbing and flowing with nature is capable of doing many things other horses can’t.   

Conn Drehne

Monday, February 10, 2014

If I Were To Believe

If I were to believe, I would know something more than a possibility. I would know that life is what we determine it to be. What the Creative Force, working in conjunction with all life forms, creates. I would see beyond possibility and know.

If I were to believe, I would cease to be the illusion, that which is less than. I would know my royal nature and walk in it. I would accept my spiritual position and ‘BE’, if I believed.

If I were to believe, I would innately sense my own ‘Divine Nature’ and live in it. I would no longer be pulled to and fro, controlled by emotional imbalances, believing these to be my true nature.

If I were to believe, I would walk like a ‘created one’ and not a ‘bred one’. I would no longer need to feed my artificial senses, I would be free. I would see for the first time, REALITY.

If I were to believe, I would know life, I would see life, I would live life, I would CREATE LIFE, if I were to believe. Believe in something, everyone does, however, belief in that which is Diaga, Divine, is true believing, not surface belief.

Only through An Diaga, The Divine, can we know, our human experience is a testimony to this. How do we know that we are living in/with Diaga? One way, by observing that which is a creation of An Diaga, The Divine.

If I were to believe, I would know that the human experience of memories do not exist separate of the senses. If I were to believe, I would ask ‘why' and the purpose for the five sense energies, the five sense organs and the five organs of action’. If I believed.

This would be a start, If I were to believe.

Conn Niul

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What the Hell is this all About

Think About It
Sooner or later you gotta ask yourself what the hell is this all about.  If there is anything upstairs you cannot help but wonder what is our purpose and why are we doing what we are doing.

Everyday you, me and the rest of humanity awakens to all sorts of possibilities.  Yet, we struggle to free our minds, attempting to get a clear picture of the world around us.  Hell, we grope through the day just trying to eek out an existence.  Is this thing upside down?

The mechanisms in place care not for you and I.  In fact their sole purpose is to squeeze every drop of labor/energy out of us.  Freedom, this is a joke.  As long as the man controls your daily life you are not free.

What we need is a revival of the mind, a mental revitalization that transcends this meager life of enslavement to the lesser sorts; a real awakening with a foundation that is fluid and yet unmovable.  What is required is a determination to walk away from the controllers.

If money, possessions, artificial comforts or man-made goals control your lives then you are a slave.  They dictate your very belief structure.  Freedom is diametrically opposed to this life, the two cannot co-exist.

All around us is power.  The source of all that we need.  However, our mental operations prevent us from tapping into the source.  To quote a friend “we are caught in the mental traps.”  Those that want change must free themselves from these mental delusions.

What would happen if people over this nation (better yet the world) determined that we were going to make a change mentally?  What if we knew the possibilities were endless?  What would happen?  I can tell you. 

We would transform the world as we know it.  We would co-create a world that can only be imagined in our current state of mental slavery.  We would renew our entire being; a renewal whose origins began with a determination to be free.  

Just imagine......    

Conn Niul


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Khotani - Four Legs of The Panther

Four legs to walk, stalking not,
Four legs to talk, often caught.
Four legs to see, going on,
Four legs to hear, the poets song.
          Working I find
          Working I know
          Working I am
          Shudra doth go
Four legs to make, less than enough,
Four legs to stake, enough for us.
Four legs to bring, silver is won,
Four legs to keep, gold is sung.
          Scheming I take
          Scheming I rake
          Scheming I sake
          Vaishya remake
Four legs do see, first organized,
Four legs first plea, defend and realize.
Four legs stand firm, and ground between,
Four legs confirm, line of Sun-King.
          Planning I do
          Planning I can
          Planning forever
          Kshatriya for man
Four legs dissolve, to the high seat,
Four legs revolve, Spirit they meet.
Four legs divine, instruments they are,
Four legs in one, goeth the Morning Star.
          Khotani remain
          Khotani sustain
          Khotani they blame
          Khotani the flame

Saga Yashka

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Field

The Rainbow Grounds manifested here upon the field for our experience and Spirit descended as the animating force, causing it to live.

The field is all around us.  It is everywhere and everything.  We see it, hear it, feel it, taste it and smell it.  Yet, it is not confined nor governed by the senses.  It is all that we do.  It is a living entity. 

The field was laid long ago.  It is the medium, the very substance that we walk to... Our comings and goings happen upon it.  It influences not; yet, all things are experienced on it.  We are alive because of it. 

I am me and you are you on the field only.  It has rules, yet they are malleable.  It is slow and fast, quiet and loud, soft and hard.  It is spiritual, physical, difficult and easy.  It is... to the athlete, farmer, professional or artist.

Because of it life and death are experiences.  Ego lives and eventually dies on the field.  Self, our supposed reality is birthed, matures and finally dissolves here, on the field.  It is a square, the circle within.

The field is our base beginning and our Soul Walk to perfection.  It is perfect in its function.  It is where we define life and form our secondary rules and values.  It is where we succeed or fail, realizing truth or not.

It is illusion and reality and yet neither of the two.  It is equally riches and poverty. It is here to be it all.  Yet, it has no physical substance. It exists as the foundation of our earthly walk. 

I Am... on the field.  Imagine.

Saga Yashka

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update - Kituwah Cultural Class For Children

On Monday, 4 June 2012 our local library sponsored a class for children about Native culture.  Our good friends George Stopp and his son Kindle graciously accepted an invitation to speak to the class.  About 75 people attended the event (not bad considering we live in a very rural community) .

George is Chief of the Long Valley Kituwah Town in Chewey, Oklahoma.  George is also a Cherokee language teacher at Tulsa Community College and from time to time teaches language classes for the United Kituwah Band and Cherokee Nation. 

They started the class with a Cherokee introduction and translation into English.  The children were asked what animals they see the most.  It was no surprise when they responded with cow, horse etc.  They really enjoyed it when George's response was "Wa ga and So gui li (Cherokee words for cow and horse).  As you can imagine this got the children going and soon George was filling their minds with Cherokee words for numerous animals. 

One of the children asked about the word for cat and George said "we sa."  So far they had learned several Cherokee words that were simple.  That is when George decided to ask if they knew what a monkey was.  Their eyes went wide and mouths opened when they heard a da li s gi yi s gi.  What happened to the short version.

Next George and Kindle showed the class several items such as the dresses that women wear, shells for shaking, rattles for songs and  a drum.  This was followed by a couple of songs and a few stories.  

The demonstration was well received.  Many of the parents came forward and thanked George and Kindle for the teaching.  One woman even asked if she could attend a ceremony at the grounds in Chewey, Oklahoma.  George gave her the directions and times of the month that the ceremonies are held.

We would like to thank George and Kindle again for their committment to the old Kituwah ways.  As well as thank them for coming over and helping others to understand a little more about Cherokee culture.


Note:  If anyone would like to know more about the monthly ceremonies at Long Valley Kituwah Town please email the project at


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project Update - Trauma

We are working on our trauma section at our website.  We should have it posted within the next week or so.  

Trauma takes on many different aspects and has natures that are unique in many respects to the individual suffering.  For this reason, we have taken our time in presenting our unique approach in dealing with trauma.  

Our goal in the very near future is to open up this approach to a larger audience of people.  Everyone has been traumatized at some level.  Therefore, we believe that these teachings can have a positive effect for anyone that desires a change for the better.  

Medicine Bag Project

Friday, April 20, 2012

Let It Flow

Part Two

Everything emits energy and there are all types of energies.  Humans, animals, plants etc. release a subtle force that is positive or negative.  It is a type of power that changes constantly.  We are consistent in the emanation of energy.

Within our being resides our True Self (Soul) that remains constant.  However, we are a multifaceted being, made up of numerous living fires or entities (mind, body etc.).  These entities have their own functions and desires that are usually contrary to our True Self.

The goal is to bring these numerous fires into ‘Right Relationship’ with our Soul. As long as they are operating against or contrary to our True Self we will live a conflicted life.  There will be constant changes (of a negative nature) within our being due to the conflict.

All of us have experienced mood shifts.  They have become a part of our daily lives.  The more severe the more frequently they occur.  This is due in whole to the conflict within our being.  Yes, diet, lifestyle, occupations etc. all contribute, but they are not the source, only the results of the conflict.  We are at odds with ourselves.

Pay attention to the interaction of humans with other humans and animals.  It is the subtle energies that affect the greatest verbal or bodily responses (in the receiver, be it human or animal).  Even if we are unaware of what is happening, we are still affected.  It is a natural process and a great learning experience.

Every mood shift within our person causes an emanation to flow from us towards the receiving world.  Many try disguising this by acting out something else.  For instance, how many people put on a happy face to camouflage their ‘bad mood?’  It has become the norm.

The energies that we emanate have the greatest impact on other living things.  The conflict that we feel produces an energy that desires to create its twin.  Put another way, misery seeks company.  Therefore, it is a natural process for conflict to seek to reduplicate itself; thus preventing natural flow.  

The more we become in tune with ourselves and our surroundings the more aware we will be of this phenomenon.  Start paying attention and you will begin to see the operation of these energies everywhere you go.  It will open a whole new world that you did not know existed.

The key is to begin to see who we truly are and are not.  To dissolve the conflict we must recognize that we are a perfect Soul residing in a vehicle, the body, for the purpose of journeying on this earth.  The outer trappings of our being, the mind, body etc. are not our True Self.  Within our Soul is where we want it to flow from.

Conn Niul

Friday, April 13, 2012

We All Have Meaning

There is not a person or thing on this earth that is meaningless.  Every living entity has meaning.  The physical manifestation of your earthly life is proof of this.  The fact that you and I are presently walking this earth as breathing, living creators defies the idea of aimless existence.

We so often miss the subtle characteristics of our nature, which reveal a hidden or deep working that serves a purpose; for instance, natural propensity for something.  Just as water moves freely to its destination, we naturally move.  However, this natural movement is almost always stifled.

We cannot see or at least that is what we tell ourselves.  Yet, we ignore or place less importance on that which is directly in front of us.  We do not see the Spirits vision for our life and instead accept as fact that which we are programmed to believe.  How can this be?

It is all in the mind.  To capture the mind is to enslave it to something or someone.  Humanity has taught us to place supreme power and importance on the mental operation to the detriment of our inner Spirit Being.  We let the mind lead the way, never allowing ourselves to be led by the Creator’s Spirit that dwells within us.

There are many reasons for this and it would take a book to go into them all.  Suffice it to say that you and I have been programmed.  Our minds have been captured and we are now servants to our lord.  Yet, within the center of our being is all truth.  It is the abode of our True Person.

In the center is where we find balance and meaning for our life.  Our gifts are signs leading us to our true purpose which is our present to the world.  By not living it we deprive the earth and its inhabitants of their blessing.  You see, we all are participants in the blessing way.

Our struggle so often is in not being.  We are not doing what it is we are here to do.  Watch what happens when someone throws off their false self and starts living their purpose.  Everything in life changes for them.  They open up to the deeper aspects of their being and LIVE.

Most of our imbalances are due to living contrary to our truest nature.  Inside of you and I dwells our truth nature.  Its source is the Creator.  It is always present on our journey.  It constantly speaks to us in a subtle voice, pointing us to ‘The Way’ that reveals ‘who we are’ and ‘our purpose for being’ which evidences We All Have Meaning. 

 Yona Unega